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What is included in the shipping cost from China to Melbourne Australia

What is included in the freight from China to Melbourne? This is a question that many customers are currently consulting. Next, Basenton Logistics will talk to you about this issue. This first depends on whether the goods go through FCL or LCL. The freight composition of FCL and LCL is different. The cost of LCL shipping consists of customs declaration fees, ocean freight, customs clearance fees, and other odds and ends. The cost of FCL shipping consists of basic freight, surcharges charged by the shipping company, and other surcharges.

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What is included in the freight from China to Melbourne Australia? The specific costs are as follows:

The surcharge charged by the shipping company may include the following parts:

a. Port surcharge = unit port surcharge X number of containers

b. Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge X number of entire containers

c. Bill of lading fees

d, the origin of goods receipt fee

e, other

Special surcharges may include the following parts (depending on the specific time, region, etc.)

a. Currency devaluation surcharge (CAF)

b. Anti-terrorism information fee (AMS)

c. Comprehensive rate increase surcharge (GRI)

d, overweight, overlength, oversized surcharge

e. Port congestion surcharge (PCS)

Shipping from China to Australia

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The process of shipping from China to Melbourne is rough as follows

The first step: Estimate the weight and volume of the goods to arrange the containers!

According to Basenton Logistics, if there are no special circumstances, it is best to go to the 40HQ cabinet, which is the most cost-effective! Because the cost of a large cabinet is not twice that of a small cabinet, but just a little bit more. If there are heavy goods, you can match some light goods; if there are more heavy goods, of course, you can also arrange a small cabinet!

Shipping from China to Australia

The second step is to contact the freight forwarding company to confirm whether all items can be transported, confirm the process, confirm the cost, and confirm the service items. Because international logistics needs to go through customs, many items cannot be transported, and whether the container can be parked at your receiving address, whether it needs to be disassembled and delivered. There are also costs included. Because of the many processes, customs declaration, customs clearance, commodity inspection, delivery, etc. all require money. Please confirm the respective amounts in advance. After that, you must confirm the collection location. If you buy items from many places, look at where you buy the most goods, and you can gather all the goods in one place. This place requires that containers can be parked. You can talk to furniture factories and building materials companies to see if they can collect goods. If not, you can use the warehouse of the forwarding company to collect the goods.

The third step is loading and shipping.

The fourth step is customs clearance and receipt.

The first two steps are enough. The third and fourth steps are negotiated in advance, and the freight forwarding company will arrange it.

This is the end of the introduction about the freight from China to Melbourne, I hope it will be helpful to you. Basenton Logistics is a private leading Chinese logistics service provider from China. Founded in 2008, it is composed of a group of professionals who are shrewd and sincere to respond quickly to customer needs. Welcome to consult.

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