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What is the customs declaration process for export goods

1.Domestic customers and foreign companies sign export contracts to determine the domestic exports of goods to foreign countries. (At this time, domestic exporters should know what kind of export supervision documents are needed for exporting such goods, such as export licenses, commodity inspections, quota certificates,etc.)

2. The domestic exporter contacts the transportation company (or the foreign company to contact the transportation company under FOB terms). Usually, the exporter will provide one-stop service through the freight forwarding (or directly to the shipping company) (from the place of origin to all the transportation at the ship’s side) process).

General customs declaration process for export goods

3. The freight forwarder is responsible for arranging the procedures for trucking, booking the space, customs declaration and loading the shipment according to the requirements of the exporter (the country of the goods, Gross weight, the volume, etc.).

4. When the goods are arranged for trucking (or at the same time of transportation), the exporter needs to provide the customs declaration materials necessary for export declaration (foreign exchange verification form, export contract, invoice, packing list, customs declaration, and according to the goods National customs supervision of export required certificates: such as permits, etc.).

5. When the goods are transported by trailer to the designated export port (the export port is determined according to the shipping company and the name of the ship at the time of booking), when the container enters the gate of the terminal yard, it is officially supervised by the port customs. The yard must be approved by the customs to continue operation.

6. When the container enters the terminal yard, the terminal computer will record the arrival time, container number, seal number, and yard location of the container, and will be monitored by the customs computer through the computer network with the customs. At this point, you can officially declare the export to the customs. Also heavy cabinets at the dock – manifest declaration – customs declaration – customs review – nuclear price, inspection (probability incident) – customs clearance

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