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What is the Shipping Process from China to Vietnam

Shipping from China to Vietnam has been very hot in the past two years, mainly because the economic trade between the two countries is very frequent. Vietnam, like China, is a developing country, but joined the WTO later than China, and joined the WTO in 2006. Most of the logistics of Chinese goods exported to Vietnam can only be delivered to the urban areas of Vietnam (such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Haiphong), what is the shipping process from China to Vietnam? Basenton introduces you in detail.

shipping from China to Vietnam

1, Order review

The purpose of order review in the shipping operation process from China to Vietnam is to avoid losses caused by the misfilling of business orders by the marketing department and business department.

The audit content is mainly as follows:

1. Whether the contents of the business order and the delivery order are consistent, whether the delivery order is stamped, and whether the customer name is consistent with the two orders.

2. Whether the business bill is signed by relevant colleagues in the marketing department and pay attention to the opinions.

3. Whether the cut-off time, port of departure, and port of destination are correct.

4. Whether the name, weight and square of the goods meet the requirements.

5. Whether the cargo owner has special booking requirements.

6. Shipping freight is paid on collection or in advance.

2. Booking

According to the customer’s BOOKING and the business link provided by the business, send BOOKING to the shipping company or booking company (when booking, pay attention to the accuracy of the content on the BOOKING, such as container type, container volume, the port of departure, the port of destination, cargo weight, Volume, etc., please write clearly if there are special requirements)

3. Trailer declaration

Towing and customs declaration is the most complicated and most important links in the entire operation process. It is also the link where accidents occur most in the operation process, such as common problems with overweight goods, vehicle accidents in the middle of the journey, incomplete customs declaration information, and brand failure to truthfully inform. Check the goods, customs deductions, etc., so you must pay more attention to this operation and make a lot of preparations.

4. Documents, supplements

Track the replenishment materials in time, check whether the replenishment is complete after receiving the customer’s replenishment, and check the bill of lading with the customer in time to confirm the type of bill of lading.

5. Release the goods

If all the above information is complete, the shipping company will send a telex release order, which is the delivery order, to notify the customer that the goods have been released in time, so that the customer can arrange for the person who receives the goods to connect.

The above is an introduction to the shipping process from China to Vietnam. I hope it will be helpful to customers who want to know. Basenton is a private leading Chinese logistics service provider from China, with business covering global LCL, ocean/maritime (FCL), air freight, express service warehousing, logistics, distribution, dangerous goods, customs clearance, transportation, and trade services. Can provide customers with Bahrain shipping double clear to door service, making your shipping more convenient.

shipping from China to Vietnam

6. What is the shipping process from China to Vietnam

Shipping goods from China to Vietnam involves several steps and considerations, especially if you’re looking to import products or items for business purposes. Here’s an overview of the typical shipping process:

Product Sourcing and Supplier Selection:

Begin by identifying the products you want to import and finding reliable suppliers in China. You can connect with suppliers through online marketplaces or trade fairs.

Negotiate Terms and Pricing:

Negotiate the terms of your purchase with the supplier, including pricing, payment terms, delivery terms, and quality control standards. It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the terms before proceeding.

Shipping Documentation:

Work with your supplier to ensure that all necessary shipping documentation is in order. This includes commercial invoices, packing lists, and any certificates or permits required for specific products.

Choose a Shipping Method:

Select a suitable shipping method based on factors like cost, transit time, and the nature of your goods. Common options include sea freight (container shipping), air freight, or land transportation.

Container Booking (for Sea Freight):

If you choose sea freight, you’ll need to book container space with a shipping line. Ensure you have the correct container size for your cargo.

Customs Clearance in China:

Your goods will need to go through customs clearance in China. This involves completing export customs documentation and complying with export regulations.

Transport to Port:

Arrange for the transportation of your goods to the departure port in China. This may involve using a local trucking company or logistics provider.

Loading and Shipping:

Your goods are loaded onto the chosen mode of transportation (container, plane, or truck) and are en route to Vietnam.

Customs Clearance in Vietnam:

Your goods will go through customs clearance upon arrival in Vietnam. This involves submitting import documentation, paying any applicable customs duties and taxes, and complying with import regulations.

Transport to Destination:

Once customs clearance is complete, arrange for the transportation of your goods from the port or airport to your desired destination within Vietnam.

Warehousing and Distribution (Optional):

If you have a storage or distribution plan in Vietnam, ensure you have arrangements in place to store and distribute your goods as needed.

Quality Control (Optional):

Depending on your business and product type, you may want to conduct quality control checks upon arrival to ensure your goods meet the expected standards.

Final Delivery:

Your goods are delivered to your specified destination in Vietnam, whether it’s a warehouse, retail store, or another location.

Inventory Management (Optional):

If you’re maintaining inventory in Vietnam, establish a system for managing stock levels and reordering as needed.

What is the shipping process from China to Vietnam? It is essential to work with a reputable Basenton logistics provider to navigate the complexities of international shipping and customs clearance. In addition, stay informed about import regulations, tariffs and other trade-related matters that may affect your specific products and industry.

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