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What Routes are there from China to Canada

As globalization continues to shape our world, international trade has become more accessible and vital than ever before. Shipping from China to Canada has grown exponentially in recent years, with businesses and consumers alike benefitting from the wide array of products and cost-effective transportation options. Whether you are an e-commerce entrepreneur looking to import goods or an individual hoping to receive a special package, understanding the process and requirements is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key aspects of shipping from China to Canada.

Shipping From China to Canada

What routes are there from China to Canada?

There are several routes for shipping cargo and goods from China to Canada, each with its advantages and considerations. The primary routes include:

Trans-Pacific Route (via Pacific Ocean): This is one of the most common and popular routes for shipping from China to Canada. It involves sailing across the Pacific Ocean from Chinese ports to Canadian ports on the West Coast. Major ports on the Chinese side include Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, and Shenzhen, while Canadian ports such as Vancouver, Prince Rupert, and Halifax serve as the entry points on the Canadian side.

Trans-Atlantic Route (via Atlantic Ocean): This route involves shipping from Chinese ports to Canadian ports on the East Coast. While less commonly used than the Trans-Pacific route, it can be advantageous for specific destinations in Eastern Canada or if there are logistical reasons to use the Atlantic route. Ports like Montreal and Halifax are major entry points on the Canadian side.

Rail Freight via Trans-Siberian Railway: An alternative to ocean freight, this route involves shipping goods by rail from China to Russia and then using the Trans-Siberian Railway to reach Europe. Subsequently, the cargo can be transported to Canada by sea or through land routes. While this option can be time-efficient and cost-effective, it involves coordination between various transportation modes.

Air Freight: For time-sensitive shipments or high-value goods, air freight is a viable option. Numerous airports in China, such as Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, offer direct flights to major Canadian airports, including Toronto Pearson International Airport and Vancouver International Airport.

Multimodal Routes: In some cases, shipping may involve a combination of transportation modes, such as a mix of sea and rail, or sea and air, to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Door to Door shipping from China to Canada

When it comes to DDP shipping, there are 2 main options for you: DDP air freight and DDP sea shipping.

With your authorization, we can pick up the goods from your factory to transport them to the sea port or airport.

Otherwise, the goods you wish to ship need to be sent to our warehouses in Shenzhen, Guangzhou.

Door-to-door quotes include the above, as well as: 

     · Customs clearance fees. If customs require a further inspection of your cargo, additional fees may be charged.

     · Trucking fees

     · Cargo insurance (this is a must have. Don’t ship your products without getting them covered!)

DDP air freight

     · First Leg: Air freight

     · Shipping Type: LCL Shipping

     · Shipping Time: 10-15 days

     · Export Declaration: Your factory is not the exporter to declare.

     · Destination: We can send to your business or private address, as well as Amazon FBA warehouses.

DDP sea shipping

     · First Leg: Sea

     · Shipping Type: LCL Shipping, check for FCL availability.

     · Shipping Time: 30-35 days

     · Export Declaration: Your factory is not be the exporter to declare

     · Destination: We can send to your business or private address, as well as Amazon FBA warehouses.

Shipping From China to Canada

Sea Freight & Container Shipping From China To Canada

Transport by sea is one of the most popular options for shipping and this is a key means for goods coming to the United States from China. 

Ocean freight will be the best deal for you if :

     · Your suppliers are located near a major Chinese port

     · Your goods are bigger than 2 CBM

     · You’re not in a hurry to receive them

In China we can make sure your goods are exported from all major ports such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian, Tianjin, Xiamen, Macao, and Hong Kong.

We offer a variety of services from full door-to door, to door-to-port, and port-to-port.

With a door-to-door service, your goods will be in our hands from the factory/retailer in China all the way to your address in Canada.

Goods coming into China arrive at Canada’s premier ports, such as Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Montréal, Halifax, Saint John.

Transit from China to Canada via ocean container shipping takes around 20 to 30 days from port to port.

This time varies according to certain factors, such as the ports of departure and arrival and seasonal sailing schedules.

FCL and LCL shipping

You can transport your goods by both FCL and LCL shipping. 

There are many factors you need to consider when shipping from China to Canada.

A standard 40 foot container can accommodate 22 standard pallets, with a 20 foot container holding 10 pallets.

If you’re shipping large volumes and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL (Full Container Load). 

The other advantage of Full container load is that your items are kept separate from other importers.

On the other hand, LCL (Less than a Container Load) refers to shipping where your goods share space within a container with other goods.

If you’re OK with that, then LCL shipping (also known as groupage) offers a more economical way to ship smaller quantities that make up less than half of the volume of a full container.

Considerations for LCL Freight Shipping

LCL shipping means your goods will share space with goods from other companies.

This also means that your delivery might take a little bit longer, because of both the packing and unpacking processes. 

Before departure, your goods will be stored in a consolidation warehouse in China until departure, and then on arrival they will be held in a de-consolidation warehouse in Canada before they are delivered to your address.

Considerations for FCL Freight Shipping

FCL shipping means renting an entire container for your shipment.

If you have a large enough cargo to occupy a container, or even most of a container, FCL shipping may make the most economical sense.

It’s also quicker than LCL shipping as there is no need to consolidate or deconsolidate your items from others.

Your container will also remain sealed throughout the journey, and unless customs officials select it for inspection, it will be sealed until it arrives at your address or chosen destination.

Shipping From China to Canada

Air Freight From China To Canada

We have developed a vast network of carriers that specialize in air cargo transportation, offering daily and weekly departures from China’s main airports to any air destination in the globe.

Air freight will be the most efficient solution if :

     · Your cargo is over 100kg

     · You’re in a hurry to receive/send the goods

Our Basenton air freight service from China to Canada provides safe and reliable solutions for all your air transportation needs including time sensitive and high value commodities.

Our shipping options include airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door and door-to-airport services, among others.

With our service, we’ll take care of each step of the journey, making sure that your goods arrive at your destination when you need them.

The normal transit time for air freight from China to Canada is around 3 to 7 days.

This can vary owing to seasonal demands and traffic in the freight market at certain times of year. Our years of experience can bring expert knowledge to your logistical needs in this respect.

The charter service offers you peace of mind and bespoke services as well as a long list of goods that are possible to ship. We can arrange this service for you and ship goods such as:

     · Consumer goods
     · High-value goods
     · Sensitive cargo such as hazardous, fresh, or perishable goods
     · Time-critical freight
     · Medical supply & humanitarian relief aid
     · Heavy load & oversized equipment
     · Car, Aircraft and ships spare parts

When it comes to weight, we offer options from 10,000lb (5000kgs) to 45,000lb (22,000 kgs) which can be transported in crates or boxes, on pallets, or as bulk.

Hit that contact button right now to receive an air freight quotation in less than 24hours!

What are the Shipping Costs from China to Canada?

The shipping costs from China to Canada can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the shipping method, the weight and volume of the cargo, the distance between the origin and destination, the type of goods being shipped, and the service provider you choose. Here’s an overview of the main shipping methods and their associated costs:

Ocean Freight (Full Container Load – FCL): If you are shipping a large quantity of goods and require a full container exclusively for your cargo, FCL is a common option. The cost is typically calculated based on the size of the container (20ft or 40ft) and the port-to-port distance. On average, FCL rates can range from $1,500 to $5,000 or more, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Ocean Freight (Less than Container Load – LCL): LCL is suitable for smaller shipments that don’t fill an entire container. In LCL shipping, you pay for the space occupied by your goods within a shared container. LCL rates are generally calculated based on the volume or weight of your cargo and can range from $100 to $500 or more, depending on the specifics of your shipment.

Air Freight: Air freight is the fastest shipping option but also the most expensive. The cost is determined by the weight and volume of the cargo. Air freight rates are typically higher per unit of weight compared to ocean freight. On average, air freight rates can range from $3 to $10 or more per kilogram, depending on the urgency and specific airline used.

Express Courier Services: For smaller packages and samples, express courier services like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer convenient door-to-door delivery. These services are generally more expensive but provide faster transit times. Shipping rates are calculated based on the weight, dimensions, and destination. Costs can range from $20 to $100 or more for smaller packages.

It’s important to note that the figures provided above are rough estimates and can vary based on market conditions, fuel prices, seasonal factors, and other external influences. Additionally, there may be additional charges, such as customs duties, taxes, handling fees, and insurance, which can affect the overall shipping costs.

Shipping From China to Canada

What is the cheapest way to ship from China to Canada?

The most affordable option to ship from China to Canada, regardless of the shipping method you choose, is through a reputed China Freight Forwarder like Basenton Logistics.

We at Basenton Logistics are able to pass along our high-volume shipping rates in addition to providing a best rate guarantee on all modes of transportation.

Do I need to pay customs duties on packages sent from China to Canada?

You will be required to pay customs duty and GST when importing from China to Canada before your products are published in the country. Those costs may be substantial.

Investigating your expenses early can prevent you from getting caught by accident.

The Foreign Investment Protection Agreement among Canada and China is a Bilateral Investment Treaty that came into force on October 1, 2014, referred to in the DFAIT as the Canada-China Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments Agreement (CCPRPIA). It gives significant security to Chinese and Canadians putting resources into the other nation, and is a foundation of China’s remote combination strategy.

Shipping From China to Canada

Why choose Basenton to Shipping From China to Canada

Why choose Basenton to Shipping From China to Canada? Basenton Logistics business philosophy focuses on the principles of honesty, integrity, and complete dedication to our clients. Our operations and management staff adhere to these principles with much enthusiasm and professionalism. In addition to providing superb customer services to our clients, we commit ourselves to knowing what matters most to them by listening, learning, comprehending, and delivering tailored solutions. Cross-functional teams of professionals from every unit in our organization work with every one of our clients closely, continuously seeking opportunities for process improvement and savings. Ready to deliver with attention to every detail, on every shipment, every time—that is our promise.

Our intense customer focus is well complimented by a strong, mature global network of agents that enable us to meet our clients’most complicated shipping challenges, delivering even greater bottom-line value to their supply chain.

At Basenton Logistics, we’ve been helping customers grow for years by never losing sight of two basic values: We care. And we keep our promises.

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