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What should be done at the time of sea customs clearance and cut off release

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What should international freight forwarders and shipping companies do at the time of opening, closing and closing the release of international shipping?

Air freight from China
Air freight from China

1. Cabin opening time

Within the time of opening the cabin, the owner will book the space, and the ship will notify the ship by s/o, and indicate the specific date, so that the ship owner can arrange the pick-up and shipment. The hatch time refers to the early time when the cargo can be picked up. If the cargo opening time is not reached, the empty container shall not be transported to the terminal or the designated place of the shipping company.

2. Time to intercept material

Interception time for international shipping, also known as interception time, is the late time for the cargo owner to submit the information required to make the bill of lading to the shipping company. That is, the time when the shipping company changes the format of the bill of lading. Before that, the format and information of the bill of lading may be revised many times.

Since then, the revision of the international ocean bill of lading will result in a bill change fee. There is no standard for this time. Each shipping company is different. If the shipping company fails to notify the shipping company of the replenishment of the bill of lading in time, it can apply to the shipping company to extend the cut-off sailing period. Generally, the ship can extend the sailing period for several hours.

3. Truncation time

The cut-off time for international shipping includes the time for the terminal to cut off the heavy container and cut off the release bar.

A. Cut-off time: refers to the time from the dock to the receiving box. It means that at this time the shipping company no longer arranges the voyage for the container that is still in after the voyage, that is, it can no longer be loaded on the ship.

B. The cut-off release refers to the latest time for the shipping company to accept the international shipping customs release (usually within 12-24 hours after receiving the container, which is the buffer time). The goods must complete the customs declaration and release before the date, and submit the customs release slip to the shipping company. After this period of time, the shipping company will no longer accept the release of goods on this route, and international sea freight will not be able to board the ship.

1) The release note is the release certificate issued by the customs after the release. After that customs release, the shipping company will treat the goods as uncleared and released, and will not be allowed to board the ship. At this time, even if the heavy container has been returned to the dock, it can only be extended to the off-duty ship; of course, this will also generate a lot of costs, including adjustment fees, storage yard rental and document fees.

2) If the customs are closed on the same day, the customs inspection rate of the goods declared for customs on the same day is very high. Generally, experienced international shipping forwarders will suggest that the shipper should delay the customs declaration to the next ship in this case, otherwise the inspection will be carried out at that time. The counter fee, the fee for changing the name of the ship, and the rental fee for the cabin rental will take half a day.

3) The shipping company can allow the shipping time to be extended for several hours. In case of delay, you can apply for CYLateCome to the shipping company in advance. However, shipping companies sometimes do not agree to extend the schedule.

4. Cut off the release time

It is the date of the last batch of tickets (commonly known as release notes) provided by the shipping company! A few hours before the ship sails in the port, start sorting out the receipts of the customs declaration terminal and prepare for the ship! This is also the deadline!

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