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Why is China’s Customs Inspection Rate So High?

In China, why does the customs inspection rate increase when exporting international logistics?

In China, customs inspections and crackdowns on smuggled infringing goods in  international logistics and transportation have not weakened. Of course, there are not many such goods, but now some customers have discovered such a problem.

Many people will go to a certain operating unit to check, and they are constantly checking, especially when there is no paper, this problem is more prominent. So what is the reason? Based on years of experience, it can be roughly summarized as follows.

The first is the reason for going paperless. Paperless customs declaration has been vigorously promoted by the customs since now, and paperless customs declaration has reached 100%. For paperless customs declaration, 30-40% of the business may be transferred to manual review, and the rest of the computer will be released directly, and almost no one It can be inspected again, but the annual inspection rate standard stipulated by the General Administration of Customs only decreases every year and does not increase.

Therefore, among the documents converted to manual review, the inspection rate of international logistics customs will be several times higher than before, and the documents converted to manual review may have incorrect parameters, high tax refund products, high risk products, or some There may be various other reasons, and once it is converted to manual review, it can even be converted to manual review for a long time. In the limited international logistics documents, the customs must complete the previous general inspection rate. Manually reviewed documents, the inspection rate is quite high.

There is also the issue of tax rebates, knowing that in commodity inspections, the tax rebate rate is much higher. In fact, as early as 2013, the customs made a large number of reductions in the items that need to be inspected. In addition to the strict inspection of smuggling of such commodities, the main task of customs declaration is tax rebates, because the tax rebate rates for goods are different, the higher the tax rebate rate, the more Easy to check.

Since there are basically no penalties for inspections other than the problems found in tax refunds. Therefore, if the customer’s products have always been subject to high tax rebates, the overall inspection rate must be high. For example, auto parts, fabrics, luggage, steel products, equipment parts, etc. are all high tax-refundable products.

In fact, the reason is obvious. The so-called commodity inspection is not an increase in the frequency, nor is it that the customs does not look at a certain unit, so it has been inspecting it all the time (the continuous irregular behavior of individual violating enterprises will cause concern). One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that the The tax rebate rate for export commodities of enterprises is relatively high.

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