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Shipping Companies in Jordan

Jordan is a relatively small Arab country, but its political, economic and cultural life are relatively stable compared with neighboring countries. Jordan is one of the treasures of the Middle East. Its people live a relatively rich life and are relatively open in Islamic countries. Jordan is relatively short of freshwater resources and is not rich in oil resources. Tourism is one of the pillar industries in Jordan. The ancient city of Petra, the Dead Sea and the Wadiram Desert and other scenic spots have become the preferred destinations for tourists from all over the world for adventure travel and leisure vacation. The coastline here is unimpeded (only 26 kilometers along the Red Sea), but you will find amazing natural beauty and charming historical sites.

If you want your goods shipping from China to Jordan, the following information is what you need to know:

Shipping from China to Jordan

How to ship goods from China to Jordan?

You have two choices – air freight and sea freight.

If you are in a hurry, air freight is good; A cargo plane will deliver your goods from anywhere in the world to Jordan in two or three days. However, air freight is also very expensive, so you have paid the appropriate fee for fast service. Unless you have to move abroad at the last minute, it is best to avoid air freight.

On the other hand, the cost of sea freight is much cheaper, usually about five times lower than the cost of air freight. This makes it very convenient for those who move within the budget. The speed of container ships is much slower than that of cargo planes. It usually takes several weeks to reach the destination, so we must make a plan in advance.

If you choose sea freight, your goods will be shipped in a 20-foot or 40-foot container. You don’t have to fill the whole container; If you carry no more than 15 cubic meters of goods, you will share a container with others. This is a process called less than container loading (LCL).

What are the main loading ports for shipping from China to Jordan?

Jordan has only one container terminal – Aqaba Port, which is located on the coast of the country’s Red Sea. Once your container arrives in Aqaba, it will go through the customs before the truck and/or train go to your new home.

What is the process of customs clearance for shipping from China to Jordan?

The customs process is much simpler than it seems. Our experienced transportation supplier will guide you through all the processes. You need to create a list (i.e. packing list) that lists all items you bring to Jordan in detail as much as possible. It is helpful to understand this before starting to load the container.

In Jordan, all personal and household goods are subject to customs duties and taxes, usually about 52% of the value of the goods. Please note that all goods have been physically inspected, so please make sure not to carry any restricted or prohibited items (see below for more information). Check the official Jordanian customs website for more information.

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