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How Long does it take to Ship from China to France

China is France’s largest trading partner and second largest supplier in Asia. Bilateral trade between the two countries increased to $62.9 billion in 2018. Shipping from China to France involves moving goods over long distances, connecting two major global trading partners. On this page, help you understand how long it takes to ship goods from China to France.

Shipping from China to France

What are the shipping methods from China to France?

Sea freight from China to France

Sea freight is the most popular shipping method when shipping from China to France. If your supply chain budget is limited, choose sea shipping as it is the cheapest method of international shipping. When choosing sea shipping, you have to accept the longer shipping time from China to France, which takes 30-40 days. Check inventory frequently and plan purchase orders in advance to keep inventory available in the warehouse. In addition to low cost, sea transportation also has the advantages of large transport capacity and the ability to transport almost all types of goods.

In ocean shipping, FCL and LCL are the most common types of transportation.
FCL (Full Container Load): A fully loaded container is shipped from China to France specifically for one customer. Shipping FCL is more cost-effective, with a 40-foot container saving over 20 feet.
LCL (Less Container Load): Sharing a container with other customers who have goods at the same time, shipped to the same destination. LCL is a great option for small businesses.
In addition, we use frame and open-top containers to transport oversized and heavy cargo, refrigerated containers to transport temperature-sensitive cargo, and charter bulk carriers or ro-ro vessels to transport bulk cargo, vehicles (wheeled cargo).
As China’s leading French freight forwarder, we fully cover major Chinese ports and French ports.
Main ports in China: Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, etc.

Ship from China to France

Air freight from China to France

Air freight is the solution for quickly shipping goods from China to France. Generally it is 4-8 days, and based on general experience, the sooner you want to receive the shipment, the more freight you need to pay. Air freight is not often used by customers, mainly due to its higher cost. However, in these cases we must take advantage of its speed and security.
When you have an urgent order but the deadline is approaching, air shipping is the right choice. The goods shipped from China to France are perishable and cannot withstand long sea transportation, so we can only use air transportation. Maybe your supply chain has a strong shipping budget and you don’t want to wait a month to receive your shipment.
In addition to being fast, air freight is also safer and is a good choice for transporting high-value equipment or luxury goods from China to France.
However, due to some aircraft restrictions and airline restrictions, not everything can be shipped by air. Please consult a Chinese freight forwarder for knowledge and advice on air freight between China and France.
Get shipping solutions and rates from us and start a worry-free shipping experience.

Railway freight from China to France

Ocean shipping from China to France usually takes 16-20 days, while freight trains from China to France only take 16-20 days. Rail freight is the perfect alternative to sea and air freight – faster than sea freight but much cheaper than air freight.
In 2016, the first direct freight train from Wuhan, China to Lyon, France was launched.
In June 2020, a new China-Europe freight train was launched, with the terminal station being Paris. The opening of the China-Paris railway is to ensure reliable supply, mainly of anti-epidemic medicines, which need to be delivered quickly and reliably.
On June 2, 2021, the first China-Europe freight train departed from Shanxi Zhongding Logistics Park bound for Paris, marking the official opening of the China-Europe freight train route from Shanxi to France. The railway journey is about 11,000 kilometers, lasting 20 days, passing through Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany, and arriving in the suburbs of Paris.

Train Freight from China

Freight train stations in France: Lyon, Paris

Railway transportation from China to France is carried out under certain conditions. Unique trucks are used to transport cargo, and each truck has unique features. Trucks can be divided into the following categories in appearance:

  • Flat Cars: Flat cars are used in various types of rail transportation. These trucks are used to carry heavy machinery and long cargo. Iron parts, beams and other goods are transported using two-axle, four-axle and six-axle flat cars.
  • Covered Vans: These vans are designed in such a way that after placing the cargo, the doors close and seal. This will protect the goods from any damage. Some goods that are intolerant to sunlight, oxygen and moisture are transported on these trucks. Typically, these trucks come in two flavors: two-axle and four-axle.
  • Short Side and Long Side Wagons: These wagons are used in various types of railway transportation. Short-sided trucks are used to transport hardware and building materials, while long-sided trucks are used to transport minerals and industrial products. These trucks are capable of carrying heavy loads, and in many cases, their loads reach several tons.
  • Tank Car: Another type of vehicle used in the rail transportation industry is the tank car. These trucks, like other trucks, come in two types: two-axle and four-axle. These trucks are used to transport fuel and various liquids. Many traders face many difficulties in transporting such goods, and tank trucks ease their concerns about transporting liquid goods. These goods will reach their destination in the shortest possible time.
  • Refrigerated Wagons: Other wagons used in various types of rail transport (must know about them in Rail Freight vs Air Freight) are refrigerated wagons which are used to transport various perishable materials such as dairy products, meat and vegetables. The vans have a professional cooling system with the refrigerator temperature automatically adjusted during the journey.

How long does shipping take from China to France

Shipping goods from China to France takes 30-45 days by sea, 4-8 days by air, and 16-20 days by freight train.
Actual shipping times will vary and depend on a variety of factors such as shipping method, supplier address, destination, service and route selected, weather, seasonal changes in shipping markets, etc.

Sea freight time from China to France

 FromToTransit time
Sea FreightChinaFrance25 to 40 days
Sea Freight DDPChinaFrance30 to 45 days
Sea FreightHong KongFrance25 to 40 days
Sea FreightChongqingFrance27 to 40 days
Sea FreightFuzhouFrance24 to 45 days
Sea FreightHuangpuFrance28 to 45 days
Sea FreightNanshaFrance28 to 45 days
Sea FreightShanghaiFrance26 to 30 days
Sea FreightGuangzhouFrance30 to 40 days
Sea FreightShenzhenFrance30 to 40 days
Sea FreightXiamenFrance30 to 40 days
shipping from China

as follows:
It takes 38 days to get from Tianjin to Marseilles-Fors and 35 days to Le Havre.
It takes 35 days from Dalian to Marseilles-Fors and 47 days to Le Havre.
Shanghai/Ningbo to Marseille-Fors 31 days, to Le Havre 27 days
Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hong Kong to Marseille-Fors 31 days, to Le Havre 29 days
It takes 37 days to get from Qingdao to Marseilles-Fors and 31 days to Le Havre.
Please note; they are not exact times!

The shipping time from China to France is about 30 -45 days, the shipping time from port to port shipping is about 30-40 days, the shipping time from door to door shipping is about 35-45 days

Air freight time from China to France

Air freight won’t take long. Generally speaking, goods shipped from China can arrive in France within 3 to 8 days.
There are direct routes to Paris from Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou. If your supplier is located near these departure airports and uses direct cargo flights, China-France air freight can arrive on the day of departure.

Here are some examples of transit times on typical air freight routes between China and France:
Beijing to Lyon – 7 days
Shanghai to Paris – 4 days
Shenzhen to Paris – 6 days
Chengdu to Paris – 9 days

The flight times from major cities in China to France are as follows:

It takes 15 hours from Tianjin to Paris, 18 hours to Lyon, 18 hours to Nice, and 17 hours to Marseille.
It takes 15 hours from Dalian to Paris, 16 hours to Lyon, 16 hours to Nice, and 17 hours to Marseille.
It takes 12 hours from Shanghai to Paris, 15 hours to Lyon, 15 hours to Nice, and 14 hours to Marseille.
Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hong Kong 12 hours to Paris, 15 hours to Lyon, 16 hours to Nice, 15 hours to Marseille
Qingdao is 14 hours from Paris, 15 hours from Lyon, 16 hours from Nice, and 15 hours from Marseille.

Air Freight from China

Train transportation time from China to France

Compared to sea transport, rail transport significantly reduces the transit time from China to France, from 30-40 days to only 16-20 days (estimated).
Shanxi-Paris: 20 days
Wuhan-Lyon: 18 days
Actual shipping times may vary slightly due to market changes, congestion, and space availability.


Shipping from China to Egypt
  • DDP air freight to France typically takes 10-15 days.
  • DDP sea shipping to France typically takes 35-45 days.
  • DDP rail freight to France typically takes 25-30 days.

To find out how much it costs to travel from China to France, read:How Much Does It Cost To Ship From China To France

Should you choose sea shipping or air shipping from China to France?

Sea freight from China to France

Most commercial goods are shipped to France by sea in standard containers. Specialized cargo ships carry these standard equipment as well as bulk cargo that cannot fit into a container due to its size or shape. Your carrier or freight forwarder will provide recommendations to help you move your special needs shipments.

Container shipping offers two options: LCL and FCL. You can book both options as port-to-port or door-to-door service. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both options.

Things to note when shipping LCL shipments
Typically, this is the most affordable option for shipments of six standard pallets (14 CBM) or less.
It speeds up your supply chain because you don’t have to wait for your goods to fill up the container.
Offering flexibility, suppliers and buyers can simply unload/pick up goods at the warehouse where containers are handled.

Shipping time may be longer due to assembly and disassembly of containers.
Not suitable for delicate, fragile or perishable cargo due to the extra handling and movement involved.
Learn more about LCL loading on our dedicated page for LCL shipping.

Precautions for FCL Freight
The fastest way to ship by sea as there is no need to consolidate or unpack.
If you are shipping more than 14 cubic meters, FCL is usually cheaper than LCL.
Keep your goods segregated in containers throughout the shipping process from China to France.

Even if you can only fill part of the container, you still have to pay for shipping the entire container.
Your loading/delivery options may be limited as not all businesses can handle full containers.
Please visit our dedicated page for full container shipping to learn more about full container loading.

Sea freight from China

Air freight from China to France

Air freight is best suited for light shipments consisting of only a few pallets.
Shorter transit times are ideal for perishable goods with limited shelf life.
A high level of security helps reduce risk for high-value cargo.
Buyers and suppliers located near international airports may prefer ocean shipping over ocean shipping.
Air freight gives you more certainty about your delivery date because it is less affected by weather and is more reliable than sea freight.

For large quantities of goods, the cost of air freight can be very high.
Cargo that is bulky or awkwardly shaped may be rejected by airlines if it cannot fit into the aircraft cargo hold.
Click here to learn more about air freight on our dedicated page.

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