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From China to Spain by China Railway Express

SHENZHEN BASENTON LOGISTICS CO. LTD As a China freight forwarder, our intermodality​ services from china to worldwide have been fully covered from every train station,port in China ( shenzhen, shanghai, tianjin, ningbo, qingdao,Wuhan,Yantai,Chongqing etc) to any destination place worldwide. If you want to shipping,delivery from China to overseas, please contact us.

China to Spain by China Railway Express

When you need train transportation from China to Spain, you will find that we are the cheapest and fastest choice. Basenton Logistics is a well-known shipping company in China, providing train transportation services from China to Spain. The proposed railway line infrastructure will make transportation through the China-Spanish railway more convenient.We always obtain customs clearance before transporting your products from China to Spain by rail to ensure seamless transportation of your products through the train route map from China to Spain. Then we will send these items to your designated address as soon as possible. If you are worried about the customs clearance or shipment process, you can complete the paperwork in person and then entrust the shipment to us.

Basenton is a shipping company with rich expertise in railway freight transportation from China to Spain. We have been paying close attention to the railway industry from China to Spain. If there is any change, we will try our best to provide you with services in line with these developments. We make every effort to let you know the China-Spanish railway transportation market. Basenton also has a customs affairs department responsible for monitoring the customs rules of freight trains from China to Spain. We give priority to customs compliance in order to provide you with worry-free transportation services.

So, don’t worry, just call us, send us an email, tell us your needs, and trust our railway transportation service system from China to Spain.

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