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Guide on How to Import Glass from China

China has expanded in the manufacture and export of glass; until it has become a destination for all traders who want to import it; today China alone controls 23% of the global market share, which makes many traders today wonder how to import glass from China.

If you are one of these traders and looking for how to import glass from China, or want to get all the information about this project? Don’t worry you are in the right place.

The China Glass Import Guide will not only help you learn how to import glass, but will also inform you about the most important markets where you can buy glass, and learn how to ship these products to your country from China safely.

Why should you import glass from China?

Today, China is a factory of the world, distinguished from all countries by its productive strength. As for importing glass from China, there are several factors that have made China a destination for all glass importers, namely:

  • Low prices: due to the abundance of raw materials, and the large number of glass manufacturers, which creates great competition in the markets.
  • Diversified quality: where you can get any quality you want at the best prices.
  • The large number of varieties and types: In China, you will find all kinds and colors of glass that come to your mind.
  • The development of international trade in China: what facilitated the import process from China.
  • The large number of services accompanying import: which includes export and shipping agents and commercial service companies that help you import even if you are a beginner.

What types of glass can you import from China?

There are a lot of varieties that you can find when importing glass from China. For example:

  • Flat glass: It is the glass that is usually used for windows, glass doors and tables.
  • Toughed glass: It is a type of flat glass, but it is designed to withstand heat, and is harder than flat glass, used in kitchens.
  • Reflective glass: A type of glass that you cannot look across from the outside, but rather reflects your image. On the other hand, you can look from the inside through it to maintain privacy, and it has become widely used in homes and hotels.
  • Mirrored glass: It is made by coating the glass with reflective materials (tin).
  • Tinted glass: It is a glass painted in different colors (blue-black), and provides privacy because you cannot look through it from the outside.
  • Sandblasted glass: It is treated using sand materials, to prevent visibility through it, such as glass used in bathrooms.
  • Laminated glass: It is a laminated glass that prevents it from breaking when it is drunk designed for safety, such as glass used in balconies and facades, it includes a layer of vinyl that withstands pressure and heat.
  • Patterned glass: Used in hotels, it is glass with decorations and inscriptions on its surface.
  • Float glass: It has become widely used in the windows of homes, and it is a mixture of glass and molten metal.

Documents required when importing glass from China

It is necessary for you to obtain legal documents and papers when importing glass from China, in order not to subject the goods to confiscation by customs, these documents are:

  • Commercial invoice: provides information about the goods, quantity and payment terms.
  • Packing list: Details what each box or container contains.
  • Bill of lading or bill of lading: It shows the details of the goods, their destination and type.
  • Certificate of Origin: Proving the identity of the manufacturer of the products and the country of manufacture.
  • Insurance policy: It is the insurance policy for goods.
  • Trade license: Any license that allows you to import goods.
  • Sales contract: which clarifies the terms and conditions surrounding the delivery of the goods and their price.
  • Customs declaration: It is an official document submitted to customs, giving an overview of the goods, quantity and diversity.

For a safe import, you have to choose suppliers who are committed to providing certain certificates such as ISO _AS/NZS 2208 _ CCC _ CE _ BV _ SGCC _ SGS

How to import glass from China

Import online

Where you can import glass from China and communicate with suppliers through sales platforms such as:

  • ALIBABA, the most famous website around the world.

Travel to China for import (offline)

If you want to travel and import glass from China yourself, you can search for suppliers through:

First: Visit cities specialized in the glass industry, which are:

  • Shandong.
  • Guangzhou
  • Shanghai.
  • Jiangsu.
  • Guangdong.
  • and Zhejiang.

Second: Visiting specialized markets, the most important of which are:

  • Guangzhou Glass Market; one of the largest glass markets in Asia.
  • Shanghai International Glass Market, a specialized glass market with more than 4,000 suppliers.
  • Futian Market in Iowo, the largest wholesale market in the world and one of the most important wholesale glass markets.

Third: Visiting popular exhibitions of glass, the most important of which are:

  • Shanghai Glass Exhibition.
  • Guangzhou Glass Exhibition
  • International glass industry technology in China.
  • China International Glass Exhibition.

Shipping when importing glass from China

Shipping imported glass is a bit delicate process and requires some care and caution.

Glass charging methods

You can charge glass in one of the following ways:

  1. Air freight: It is freight by aircraft. This method is characterized by speed but high costs.
  2. Sea freight: where goods are transported via commercial ships, and this method is less expensive than air freight, but it takes a long time.

Shipping Steps

  1. Determine and agree on shipping terms with the supplier “Incoterms”; they determine the place of delivery, and your responsibilities and the supplier.
  2. Choose a suitable shipping company.
  3. Choose a safe packaging method: Glass, as we know, is highly prone to breakage, and products may be damaged during loading, transportation or storage.
  4. Extracting the necessary certificates that we mentioned above, in order not to delay the clearance of goods upon arrival.

Choosing a specialized China freight forwarder

You can deal with specialized freight forwarders, when importing glass from China in order to facilitate the shipping process and ensure its success and not to fall into problems, as dealing with freight forwarders is characterized by:

  • Flexibility: They are able to handle any sudden request or change that may occur when shipping goods.
  • Customs clearance: Freight forwarders are very experienced and have all the information about customs clearance and the certificates required for it.
  • Find the best prices.
  • Delivery on time exactly.
  • Experience with all shipping requirements.
  • Provide additional services such as warehousing, packaging and consolidation of goods.

Freight forwarders can hold the shipping process from A to Z, and all you have to do is tell them everything you want.

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