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Guide to Bulk Importing Children’s Toys from China

As much as the project of importing children’s toys from China may carry an abundant profit, it also carries great risks that may cause you to fail and lose money unless you are fully aware of the steps of this project, so you must know very accurately the most important steps that determine the success of the project from its failure.

This article not only outlines the most important of these steps, but also explains how to take these steps, and what are the most important points that you should stand at, to ensure your success when importing children’s toys from China, and avoid common obstacles around it.

What you can find when importing toys from China

As China is a major center for the gaming industry around the world, you will find many varieties and shapes of games, all you have to do is determine what the market needs from these games, and what varieties will achieve high sales.

The most important types of games in China:

  • Educational games: These games are designed to stimulate the learning ability of children through a directed activity carried out by the child to develop his skills and mental, physical and emotional abilities.
  • Animation doll toys: These are characters embodied from video games and animation series, made of plastic or other materials.
  • Electronic games: These are the most common games today, including robots, digital dolls, cars, and others.
  • Vehicle toys: It includes electronic and non-electronic riding games, such as bicycles, small cars, scooters and everything related to the vehicle.
  • Inflatable toys: These are inflatable and stretchy toys, such as swimming buoys, balls, riding games, and small children’s pools.
  • Cloth toys: These are toys that are made and stuffed with fabrics such as wool, fur and polyester, in the form of cartoon characters or animals.

Musical games: They are games to teach music, in the form of small musical instruments.

Arts and crafts games: They help develop their mental skills and abilities, such as character manufacturing pieces and drawing games.

Puzzle games: It is a good idea for children’s games, and helps stimulate creativity, its complexity varies according to ages, such as Sudoku and puzzle games (puzzles).

Baby toys: These are toys for babies that make sounds like rattles.

These toys develop cognition and skills and help the child compare shapes, objects and sizes and coordinate the movement of the limbs to capture them.

Competitive games: These are games played by two people with the aim of profit, such as chess and others.

How to Import Toys from China | Offline and through a Chinese site selling children’s toys

Now we will go and you, dear reader, in detailing the steps of importing children’s toys from China, and you should know that each of the steps is related to the other, so you have to focus on all the steps.

First Step: Know the requirements and documents needed for customs clearance in your country

When it comes to the requirements and documents imposed on the import of children’s toys from China, they differ from one country to another, so you must first familiarize yourself with the customs conditions imposed on the purchase of toys from the Chinese market, so that the goods are not confiscated and not allowed to enter the market.

In general, here are the most important documents required when importing toys in China:

  • Commercial invoice: The quantity and final value of the games are recognized and based on which customs duties are calculated.
  • Bill of lading: proving the destination and ownership of the goods.
  • Insurance policy: The value of insurance on the goods.
  • Certificate of origin: proving the manufacturer.
  • Quality inspection certificate: to prove the conformity of goods to the original quality standards.
  • Import license: to prove that you are an importer and are entitled to import.
  • Packing list: shows the contents and number of each box.
  • Commercial Registration: To prove that you are allowed to import games.
  • Tax card.

You can learn about the requirements in your country by dealing with a professional customs broker, or see your country’s official customs website.

Second Step: Make a list of required children’s toys

You first have to do a market study to identify the types of toys that you have to import, which bring you high percentages of sales, sometimes a certain type of games is popular because of a cartoon series or praise from a medical authority for the benefit of a particular game on the development and health of the child, so it is important to study the prevailing trend of the market.

You can do market research through:

  • Learn about the products on the market.
  • Identify the needs of consumers.
  • Identify the amount of supply and demand in the market.
  • Study competitors and identify their weaknesses and strengths.

After studying the market and analyzing competitors, you will find the types of games that you have to import, and then you have to create a list of those items.

Third Step: Make a price statement for those games in the local market

Now you have to proceed to investigate the prices of the games you want in the local market, in order to know the price at which you can import safely, in addition to knowing the price at which you can sell.

If your product is unique and new to the market, you can search for the prices of gaming products that are similar to yours, or the price of the components of your product.

Step Four: Start Searching for Required Toy Suppliers | With the best Chinese site selling children’s toys

The question now is how do I search for suppliers? And how can I find the best suppliers for the product?

There are two different ways to look for suppliers when importing toys from China:

First: Search for suppliers online

By searching in Chinese wholesale platforms such as ALIBABA, you can search for suppliers by following these steps:

  1. Type the name of the product, or put an image of it in the ALIBABA search engine to show you many products of games.
  1. Click on the verified button on the left of the screen in order to obtain reliable suppliers.
  2. Click on the product in order to go to the profile page, to see the company or supplier of the product, and be able to communicate with them.


  • DhGATE
  • 1688
  • DX.COM

Second: Searching for suppliers by traveling to China

You can search for suppliers when you visit China; by visiting children’s toy markets in China, you will find a very large number of suppliers in those markets.

You must, first, prepare to travel to China through; preparing travel papers, accommodation costs, travel and transportation within China, and knowing the cities specialized in the gaming industry and the most important markets in these cities and the exhibitions in which they are held and when, and you may need to use an interpreter, so it is better to plan for every small and large before you arrive in China.

What are the best gaming markets in China?

  1. Yiwu Market

One of the largest children’s toy markets in Asia, it includes many malls and shops specializing in selling children’s toys.

In it, you find all kinds of games at low prices.

The market has games such as:

  • Electronic games.
  • Canvas toys.
  • Animal games.
  1. Guangzhou Driver

The city has a wide range of markets, as well as the famous Canton Fair, which includes huge wholesale toy complexes such as:

  • Zhonggang Boutique toys Wholesale Market Guangzhou: A huge commercial market selling children’s toys of various kinds.
  • Liwan toys wholesale market: Located in Liwan Province, it has more than 80 complexes selling electronic games, remote control games and more.
  • Wanling plaza Guangzhou: It contains shops selling children’s stationery, as well as various games.
  • International Yide stationery & Toys Plaza Guangzhou: It is a huge center selling toys and gifts, with more than 1,200 shops specialized in selling children’s toys.
  1. Shanyou Market

It is an important toy mall, with more than 1,200 suppliers. It is characterized by the high quality of games compared to the rest of the markets, and through which you can buy from factories directly.

  1. LingyiYongxing Market

It is the largest toy market in northern China, with more than 4,000 suppliers and is divided into three sections; the first section specializes in selling electronic toys and children’s bicycles, and the second and third sections specialize in selling plastic toys, huge toys.

  1. Yunhe Market

It is a wooden toy market; it is located in Zhejiang Province and includes game display halls, in which many shops and factories share their toys, and you can get the quality you want.

  1. Zhengzhou Market

It is also a market famous for its low prices of toys, and you can order from it in small quantities, famous for selling plastic toys, and children’s stationery.

  1. Baigou Market

Toy in this market is sold retail or wholesale, where you find different types of toys at very low prices, it may be a good option when you start importing children’s toys from China.

  1. Yangjiang Guangdong Market

It is an international market, visited by many businessmen and importers importing children’s toys from China, which includes more than 2,500 stores selling children’s toys, especially stuffed doll toys.

What distinguishes this market is the possibility of importing in small quantities, as there is no minimum demand.

Step Five: Communicate with suppliers and get quotes

When importing toys from China online

You can start communicating with suppliers as we explained to you above, and request for supply offers, to study them in depth and compare the offers with each other in order to choose the best supplier.

When you travel to China to import children’s toys (offline)

You must go to visit suppliers and factories in person, and get supply offers from them, and you must initially deal with at least 10 suppliers, in order to increase your options and get more offers to choose the best supplier.

What are the most important items you need to ask for and consider in supply offers?

  • Product details and quality.
  • Required compliance and safety conditions.
  • Quote.
  • Samples.
  • Shipping terms.
  • Minimum Order (MOQ).
  • Payment Terms.
  • Payment methods.
  • Packaging.

Step Six: Negotiate with Suppliers and Choose the Best

At times, the success of the import process may depend on negotiating with suppliers, how so?

In fact, if you cannot confront suppliers during negotiations with them, you may be exploited by them, or you will not get the prices that other suppliers get, you cannot sell at their price, or you will be exposed to losses so that you can compete with them, or even you may be exposed to quality problems and others.

With regard to negotiating with suppliers when importing children’s toys from China, the price is not the only criterion for negotiation, but you must negotiate all matters related to the product, and the most important conditions that you must negotiate are:

  • Negotiate the details of the games you want.
  • Negotiate prices.
  • Negotiate quality inspection and required certifications.
  • Negotiate payment terms.
  • Negotiate shipping and packaging.

Some tips for negotiating with suppliers:

  • Learn and develop negotiation skills in order to be a successful entrepreneur. This article may help you learn negotiation skills. Internal link for negotiation skills.
  • Treat suppliers with a win-win rule when negotiating with them.
  • Use your product expertise as your weapon while negotiating.
  • Negotiate with more than one supplier, and use the prices you got as your strength in negotiations.
  • Set your first goal of negotiations before you get into them, and prioritize.
  • Introduce yourself as an experienced international importer, and show your intentions to the supplier by establishing long-term relationships with them.

Choosing the best supplier when importing children’s toys from China

Now that you’ve negotiated with all the suppliers, create a list of vendors, summarize what has been agreed to compare them and choose the best game supplier for you.

Step Seven: Choose a secure payment method

The step of paying the supplier is the first step in order to start production, and it is a rather sensitive step because you will have started pumping money, and you must choose safe methods of payment.

  • When importing directly from China, and dealing with reliable suppliers, you should be careful not to pay more than 30% of the value of the goods as a deposit to the supplier, and also be careful not to pay the full amount until the completion of production and inspection of all goods and their compliance with quality and safety standards.
  • If you import via the Internet, and deal with suppliers you do not know enough information about, we advise you to first know well the background of the supplier, and the customers who have previously dealt with him, if you import through Alibaba, for example, do not go to pay outside the site even if the supplier asks you to do so. Alibaba allows you to get a refund in the event of fraud, and we recommend paying through commercial service companies, as they have a large database of suppliers and are considered a secure way to pay.

What payment methods are available?

  • Traditional methods; telegraphic transfer.
  • Letter of Credit: It is a secure method when transferring large amounts
  • Electronic methods: PayPal – Apple Pay – Payoneer – Alabba.
  • Other ways: Western Union – Exchange companies – payment through commercial service companies.

Step Eight: Contract with a reliable and customs broker freight forwarder

When agreeing with the supplier on Incoterms, such as EXW, for example, i.e. factory delivery, you must deal with the shipping agent to avoid problems that you may encounter and ensure the success of the shipping and customs clearance process in China, so you must pay attention to the agreed Incoterms when contracting with the supplier.

What services does a China freight forwarder provide?

  • Collect and transport goods in one go If you import from more than one market, for example, when you import toy parts for installation in your country, you will buy the parts from more than one market.
  • Store goods until they are shipped in case of any emergency.
  • Negotiate with shipping companies and get the best price.
  • Issuing the required and necessary certificates for Chinese customs.

What services does the customs broker provide in your country?

  1. The customs broker helps you familiarize yourself with the quality standards and conditions required when importing toys from China.
  2. Identify the documents required for the customs clearance process.
  3. Helps you complete customs clearance when the toys arrive at the port.
  4. Learn about customs and tariff costs, in order to fully calculate all the costs of importing children’s toys from China.

Finally: Prepare all the papers and documents necessary for customs clearance and receipt of goods

You should not neglect the customs clearance order for goods, as this may expose you to paying fines or confiscating the goods and re-exporting them to the country.

As we mentioned to you, the customs broker can help you identify the most important documents and how to get them out.

Tips and guidance for your success in importing children’s toys from China

  • Research the market well, and find out which types of toys will bring you a high percentage of sales.
  • Study competitors’ weaknesses carefully, to exploit them and stand out in the market.
  • Prepare a solid marketing plan, and study the economic feasibility of the project.
  • Children’s toys are subject to strict quality and safety requirements, be careful and familiarize yourself with these standards carefully.
  • Negotiate with more than one supplier, and get more supply offers.
  • If you are new to international trade, it makes your first steps easier.
  • Develop your sales styles and use modern technology to market your products.

The bottom line

Importing children’s toys from China is not only a profitable project, but it is also an easy project to implement, as I have searched and been very careful and followed the previous steps accurately, starting from searching for profitable types of toys, through how to import children’s toys from China, to customs clearance of those goods and bringing them to the market.

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